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> >With an opened photo, the "filters" section runs ok.  However,
> >"tools" and "colors" crashes Gimp with a Windows message that the
> >"program has stopped working".  Downloaded/installed Gimp 2 times
> >with same problem.  I finally
> uninstalled version 2.6.6, and installed version 2.4.6, and had no
> problems,so far, with this version!

   I plan to do the same thing...version 2.6.3 runs fine on my
machine...2.6.6 give me constant lockups. One of the developers
thinks it's a driver issue..in his words "GIMP can't lock up your
computer" like it does. It may be a driver issue...but I can't stand
getting 2/3 through retouching a photo to find out the machine is
locked up.

Frank McCormick <bea...@videotron.ca>
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