>I have upgraded to Ubuntu 9.04 and Gimp 2.6 was installed with it.  When I
>started to use Gimp, none of the tools worked. I could select a tool and
>it over a picture, but nothing happens.  I have been using Gimp for several
>years on the same computer with previous versions of Ubuntu and Gimp 2.4
>worked perfectly with Ubuntu 8.10.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled
>the Gimp site, apt-get install and Synaptic all with the same result.
>Could this be a bug for my AMD chip-set?
>Are there some files missing from the original Ubuntu installation?
>Is it possible to install version 2.4 instead?
>Just looked at .gimp folder and all the folders (brushes etc) are empty. 
How do I get data into them?

Brian C. (via www.gimpusers.com)
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