DJ writes:
> Whenever I have used File > Open Location, I've gotten an error. I
> thought I'd revisit it again while going through a tutorial on
> blending modes. I got the same error, No such file or directory. Yet,
> I can right-click and "Save Image As" with no problem. I got the url
> by right-clicking and "Copy Image Location".
> I searched, but did not see anything.

You don't mention what platform you're on, or what version of GIMP
or where you got it. But GIMP has several different ways of opening
remote files -- gvfs, gnome-vfs, libcurl, wget -- and if your gimp
is compiled to use a method you don't have, that'll cause errors.
The choice is made at compile time; the runtime code doesn't fall
back to use other methods if the preferred method fails.

For instance, Ubuntu's GIMP is compiled to need gvfs, so if you
don't have that installed (for instance, if you're running Xubuntu
or some other window manager instead of a Gnome desktop) then
Open Location or dragging from a browser probably won't work
unless you build your own gimp with --without-gvfs.

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