Hi Gimp-user,

After creating a rectangle with the Rectangle Select Tool, rotating it
-40 degrees, I selected Edit > Stroke Selection. I clicked the radio
button next to "Stroke with a paint tool" and then Paintbrush in the
"Paint tool" drop down.

I then created a rectangle parallel to the one above using the "same"
Paintbrush. I made no changes to the Paintbrush Tool Options. I
created this rectangle freehand, clicking where the 4 corners would be
while holding the shift key.

Should the 2 painted rectangles look alike?

Even though I used the "same" Paintbrush, the lines of the two
rectangles are very different. I would have thought that they would
have been the same (and I was going to prove it to myself :-)), since
I'm creating colored lines with the same tool (Paintbrush) - one via
Stroked Selection, one via freehand. The freehand rectangle has
anti-aliasing. The one created by Stroke Selection using the same
Paintbrush does not. The lines are very choppy. Did I miss an option
in the Stroke Selection Dialog? I tried some of the options in the
Rectangle Select Tool, before Rotating and Stroking, but they didn't
change anything. I'm not sure why in the Rectangle Select Tool
anti-aliasing is grayed out unless rounded corners is enabled. In one
try, I made rounded corners radius 0 and anti-aliasing enabled before
rotating and stroking the selection. No difference.

I'm using Paintbrush Circle (01), Scale 3.

I'm great at creating straight lines on 180 or 90 degrees :-), but add
an angle, slant (like above) or a curve, and I need a little more

Thank you.


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