Sven Neumann wrote:
> Hi,
> On Tue, 2009-06-23 at 14:51 -0700, norseman wrote:
>>          In Gimp, to add (SUM) the RGB values for a pixel and then 
>> change all pixels who's RGB SUM is greater than a user stated value to 
>> Second side of that is to change all RGB SUMs less than value given to 
>> Black. BUT not doing both at same time, thus allowing user to "step" in 
>> and see what got lost.
> Use the Levels tool. That is pretty much exactly what you achieve by
> moving the Input levels in the Value channel (except that Value is not
> defined as the sum but the max of the RGB values).
> Sven
I have been trying exactly that 'macro'.  It does not work as expected.
I'm using Gimp 2.6.6 on Windows XP Pro.  Using a Twain32, Gimp makes a 
great scanner input system. Most files DO clean up quite nicely with 
Levels, but some need more direct control.  As it has been programmed, 
Max is NOT SUM, unfortunately.  Question is how to get Gimp to do what 
is needed?

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