OOPs - forgot to reply all.  Sorry.

Neil wrote:
> I have a black line on a layer. How can I replace it with a dotted red line?
> I'm a newbie, please make it simple. I assume it goes like this: ensure
> dotted line is defined, change colour to red, select solid line, replace with
> selected line type.
Something to keep in mind when working with GIMP.  It is NOT a CAD
(vector) program by default.  It is a RASTER program and it makes dots
(pixels) change color, etc...   Also, by default, the dots are in a 1
thick by X wide by Y high matrix.  'Lines' are not really existent in
raster, just dots on, dots off.

The usual solution has long been to zoom way in and change the desired
pixels, one at a time.

Just what you didn't want to hear. :(


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