Neale I. wrote:
>> The usual solution has long been to zoom way in and change the desired
>> pixels, one at a time.
>> Just what you didn't want to hear. :(
>> Steve
> How about a select by shape and colour and replace black with red?
by shape - seems to not be a part of Gimp 2.2
Using the magic wand can (with conditions) be useful, replacing selected 
area's color via bucket works but creating dash pattern takes more 
effort than just zooming in and coloring the breaks by hand.
Agreed - I'm not up to date on Gimp versions but loading a ton of 
programs I don't use just to compile and use Gimp is not in line with my 
mentality. "Portions of this program are taken from the following ..." 
constitutes valid copyright notice, at least last time I asked. Putting 
them with the GIMP branch makes updates much easier too. Each becomes a 
whole unto itself, rather than causing conflicts.  That thing about 
write it once and use it often works for cut and paste too. Usually 
takes less space to boot.

Back on corrections - any way that works for the user is valid.
And Yes - it is nice to have the needed tools 'pre-built' and available.
But - when all else fails.... :)


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