Hi, everybody:

I filed a bug about Gimp after some checking, it was declared INVALID
and I was referred here to ask how to fix it.  I'm running Gimp 2.6.6
on Ubuntu 9.04.

I get bad results when saving images after Gimp converts the colormap.
 Its described here:


The lcms author and Sven Neumann looked into it and concluded it is
not a fault of the Gimp, but rather it is something wrong in the
original image.  Images have Adobe1998 colormap embedded, but
apparently that is a mistake.  I don't know how they can tell what the
colormap is, and I don't understand why the original image looks fine
in GQView but it does not look fine after editing in the Gimp.  If I
bring the original image into Gimp and refuse Gimp's invitation to
convert the colormap, and save the image, it is displayed fine in
GQView.  But if Gimp resets the colormap in any way, the image looks

I just don't get it.

On a practical level, what is a user supposed to do?

1. How am I supposed to know if the wrong colormap is embedded in an image?

2. How can I follow Sven's advice to "unset" the colormap?  In Gimp
menus, I find only tools to convert or set the colormap, but not to
unset it.


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