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> Hi, everybody:
> I filed a bug about Gimp after some checking, it was declared INVALID
> and I was referred here to ask how to fix it.  I'm running Gimp 2.6.6
> on Ubuntu 9.04.
> I get bad results when saving images after Gimp converts the colormap.
>  Its described here:
> http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=567551
> The lcms author and Sven Neumann looked into it and concluded it is
> not a fault of the Gimp, but rather it is something wrong in the
> original image.  Images have Adobe1998 colormap embedded, but
> apparently that is a mistake.  I don't know how they can tell what the
> colormap is, and I don't understand why the original image looks fine
> in GQView but it does not look fine after editing in the Gimp.  If I
> bring the original image into Gimp and refuse Gimp's invitation to
> convert the colormap, and save the image, it is displayed fine in
> GQView.  But if Gimp resets the colormap in any way, the image looks
> bad.

That's because the original color profile incorrectly specifies the meaning
of the colors; garbage in, garbage out.

> I just don't get it.
> On a practical level, what is a user supposed to do?
> 1. How am I supposed to know if the wrong colormap is embedded in an image?
> 2. How can I follow Sven's advice to "unset" the colormap?  In Gimp
> menus, I find only tools to convert or set the colormap, but not to
> unset it.

First: you are not talking about colormaps (that is an entire different
issue, related to indexed images such as GIF. You are talking about ICC
color profiles.

1. Image Properties (ALT-Enter) has a tab devoted to describing the ICC

2.  I would guess you should try to assign the default sRGB profile to this
image -- as all 'dumb' (ICC-unaware) programs will display images as if they
are sRGB, because most monitors approximate sRGB.

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