>Hi there.  Let me first say - gimp is AWESOME.  Thanks.
>But next let me pose this question: Why are there no minimize options on
>toolbars in 2.6.6 for Windows?  I've googled about it and I'm obviously not
>the only user bothered by this.  Yes, they should minimize when Gimp is
>minimized, but - well, they don't.  And besides, that option doesn't help
>when I'm working in full-screen and there's a toolbox right in my way!
>Also, why was the extra box added?  It's awfully useless, especially
>not only can you not close it (because that closes the program), you also
>cannot close the large ox-like (ie: always in the way) toolbox, because *
>that* closes the program, too!  I personally believe that the previous
>edition of GIMP was your stronger version, but that's besides the point.
>So, are there patches available to fix this?  I don't think such a small
>trifle necessitates a full overhaul of the system, but...? All I'm asking
>for a way to get those toolboxes out of my way.
The windows only pop up on your desktop, right? Well, my trick is just to
click on the little icon, (somewhere right from the startbutton) it has the
function 'display desktop' when you click it, the windows will disappear
without GIMP getting closed... Did this help?

Faus (via www.gimpusers.com)
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