With some help from Jernej I have now been able too look into this 
problem. It would be of great help if people with crashes when doing:

  1. Start GIMP
  2. Create new default image
  3. Tools -> GEGL Operation...

could try to move

  C:\Program Files (x86)\GIMP-2.0\lib\gegl-0.0\load-buffer.dll

into a temporary dir, just so that GEGL does not pick up load-buffer.dll 
when starting.

On my tests on Vista SP2, removing this GEGL operation from the 
operations GEGL loads gets rid of this particular crash, and I suspect 
this will get rid of this particular crash on XP systems as well.

If anyone is able to confirm that removing/moving load-buffer.dll fixes 
the above crash, please let me know and report what version of Windows 
you are using.


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