>I have tried this work around and the results are the same. The crash still
>System is a P4 2GB XP home SP3 with all current updates applied. 
>Looking forward to the next release.
>>With some help from Jernej I have now been able too look into this 
>>problem. It would be of great help if people with crashes when doing:
>>  1. Start GIMP
>>  2. Create new default image
>>  3. Tools -> GEGL Operation...
>>could try to move
>>  C:\Program Files (x86)\GIMP-2.0\lib\gegl-0.0\load-buffer.dll
>>into a temporary dir, just so that GEGL does not pick up load-buffer.dll 
>>when starting.
>>On my tests on Vista SP2, removing this GEGL operation from the 
>>operations GEGL loads gets rid of this particular crash, and I suspect 
>>this will get rid of this particular crash on XP systems as well.
>>If anyone is able to confirm that removing/moving load-buffer.dll fixes 
>>the above crash, please let me know and report what version of Windows 
>>you are using.
>>  Thanks,
>>  Martin

This is what I tried.

I used to have 2.6.6 on Win XP SP3 and had the same crash happen everytime. I
have 2.6.5 installed now but still have 2.6.6 portable on a USB stick. 
I removed load-buffer.dll from the gegl folder but the crash still happens. 

I double boot Vista but never use it so it's not up to date. When I checked
what version it is it said Vista Ultimate. Didn't say anything about a service

Anyway, tried the same with 2.6.6 portable on Vista and still crashes. But
only when there is an image open. 

Just double checked and on XP the crash only happens when there is an image
open too. And this is with load-buffer.dll back in its place. 

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