Select all the white with magic wand or color select.  Make the blue 
your new foreground color and drag it into the selection.  OR if you 
want all the greyscale information to stay the same you could fill the 
selection with the blue using the hue mode.  You would do that by first 
selecting the white as above, then go to the toolbox and click the icon 
that looks like a bucket spilling paint (that's the bucket fill tool).  
Go to the options for the bucket fill at the bottom of the  toolbox and 
click the little dropdown list next to the word Mode:.  Slide down that 
until you find hue, it's almost to the bottom, and select it.  Hue mode 
means that it will change which color you're using, while leaving intact 
how intense the color is, and how light or dark the area is.  That will 
keep all your highlights and shading.

Hue - the color (red for example)
Saturation - How much of the color (pastel pale pink to intense red)
Value - Lightness or darkness.  How close to white or black.  (dark 
almost black pale pink to radioactive almost white pale pink)


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