>Dear all,
>       I am still new to Gimp:
>I have three images open.  I am trying to select and paste portions from
>2 of the images into a final one. E I ensured that each image had its
>own Gimp floating window next to it that starts by default (with the
>panels showing the selection tools, layors, paintbrushes etc) However,
>this happens:
>I select on image 2.
>I click on the Scissor select tool.
>I start to click on the image.
>I decide that I do not wish to do this but use the free hand select tool
>Try as I might the scissor tool won't turn off.  I can click on any
>other tool and when I click in the image the scissor tool carries on.
>1) Is Gimp designed to allow one to open several images and work on each
>on concurrently. If not then how can I get around this, or
>2) What am I doing wrong!
>This is driving me batty!
>Regards, S.
Changing over to another tool should have done the trick. 
Try the escape key if it doesn't. Appartently only works if the selection
isn't complete yet. 

Good luck!

jolie (via www.gimpusers.com)
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