> There's always only one selection. Creating a selection will replace the
> current one. That has nothing to do with panning. If you want to add to
> an existing selection, then choose the Add mode from the tool options of
> the selection tool. Or use the modifier keys (as hinted in the
> status-bar).
> If you're trying to use the lasso it's frustrating like that, you have to do
> the whole thing in one complex wack.  If instead you use the path tool you
> can keep adding the points to the path, edit them when you make a mistake,
> scroll the image around all you want, and then when you have it perfect
> convert the path the a selection.  I think it's MUCH easier than the lasso.
> Here's a great tutorial on this,
> http://mailman.linuxchix.org/pipermail/courses/2005-March/001821.html.

Thank you, Patrick, I will read that tutorial this evening.

Dotan Cohen

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