Patrick Horgan writes:
> If you're trying to use the lasso it's frustrating like that, you have to do
> the whole thing in one complex wack.  If instead you use the path tool you can

(and in another message)
> In my link to the selection tutorial I should have given credit to Akkana Peck
> whose tutorial it is, and noted that her book:  Beginning GIMP: from novice to
> professional ROCKS!!!!  And also she helps people out here all the time and
> deserves a lot of credit for being such a good citizen of the net.

Thanks! What a nice thing to say. :-)

I should probably mention that that LinuxChix class is old (I think
it was based on GIMP 2.2) and in 2.6, the Lasso tool is *much*
easier to use. You no longer have to select in one go -- you can
drag for a while, stop, scroll the view, drag some more. You can
also mix freehand dragging with clicking to make line segments,
like you would with the Path tool. It's like the best parts of
the old Lasso combined with Paths.

I never used the old Lasso tool much, because I couldn't zoom in
and scroll around while selecting, but in 2.6 I use it quite a lot. 
If you haven't used the new Lasso because you didn't like the old
one, give the new one a try!

(Unfortunately for me the Lasso was changed to late to make it in
to the second edition of "Beginning GIMP" except as an appendix.
The perils of writing books based on actively developed projects ...)

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