Just for fun (and because it's raining here today), I took a series of shots
that could be panoramaized, and determined to follow Akkana Peck's
instructions as to stitching them.

My little exercise went stichingly, and, so, I'd like to thank Akkana for her
clear explanation.

One thing that has me confused:  My series of shots were of the neighbor's
flower and rock garden across the street from me.  I found that creating a
layer mask and gradient was less effective than just lining up the original
images and using Gimp's perspective tool to keep street curb lines and other
perspective elements within tolerance more effective.

After flattening my image, I went in and cloned away some of the more obvious
seam lines (in the street, at the curbs, etc.), and the results seem great to

Thoughts/advice appreciated.

. . . and, once again, thank you Akkana, for your most informative book.  I
am having a great time exploring Gimip.


Carusoswi (via www.gimpusers.com)
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