Thank you both for your replies.  I actually had downloaded fotoxx earlier in
the day, having run across it during my unending exploration for anything
having to do with photo editing - haven't played with it yet.  Also, as I was
searching (so far in vain) for some way to download and install Cinepaint, I
discovered that I could 'install' Ubuntu Studio by just selecting it's
additional software components from the Synaptics library - did that and the
result left me with a copy of hugin.  Like most any new piece of software,
getting into it the first time is the biggest challenge.  Like my first
experience with Gimp, I opened hugin and got no where with it.  I need to go
back and spend some time reading up on how it works.

I've used PS's merging feature.  It's all automated, works ok, but used to
choke for lack of memory - that shouldn't be a problem on my current system,
but, then, I have no interest, really, in working with PS for now.

Thanks again for the replies.


>On Sat, Aug 29, 2009 at 08:50:52PM +0200, Marco Ciampa wrote:
>   > Have you tried this? 
>   > 
>   >
>   > 
>   > On linux/Ubuntu to install it you just have to do in a terminal:
>   > 
>I have also found fotoxx to be quite efficient and easy to use. It is
>much quicker than hugin and program is quite compact. Give it a try.

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