> > Suppose there are three different layers in a stack that need to be
> > saved individually and then used as the input for a RPI plugin. What
> > would be the best procedure to use, please?
> Make the layer you wish to save active by clicking on its thumbnail  
> preview in the Layers Dialog, then from the File Menu select the "Save  
> As" item. Give your filename a ".png" extension.
> Since the PNG format does not support multi-layer images, you will be  
> presented with an Export Dialog which asks whether you want to Flatten  
> your image or Merge its layers; you want to do neither so click on the  
> "Ignore" button and just the active layer will be saved.
> Repeat the process for the other layers.

Thank you for that way of dealing with the problem. I have found another
way which is to drag the thumbnail up to the tool box when a new window
opens and the image can be saved from there as '.xcf' or even worked on
before saving.


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