Quoting "Haenlein, Michael" <michael.haenl...@whu.edu>:

> I have a series of image pairs (a couple of hundred) and I'd like to  
>  do the following operation on each of them:
> (1) Open Picture A
> (2) Scale Picture A to either 900 pixel height or 500 pixel width   
> (whatever is possible without needing to cut out sections)
> (3) Create a new file of size 1920 x 1080 pixel
> (4) Copy Picture A on the left hand side of the new file

Given your description, it is possible to have each picture be 900  
pixels tall with a width of 960 pixels and still need no "cutting out"  
(since two such pictures could sit side by side within the same  
1920-pixel-wide image). If the width of each image is to be less than  
500 pixels, do you really want them separated by 460 pixels (assuming  
each is centered within its half of the resulting image)?

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