Still working my way around this great program - still wondering if I am
proceeding in the most logical manner.

I captured an image of my daughter sitting in the bow of our boat.  Sky is
cloudless, sun is on her left right coming in at probably 10:00 over her

Best exposure leaves her body a bit on the underexposed side, the sky a bit

In Gimp, I copy the background layer and set it to screen mode, then add a
layer mask that hides this layer so I can paint the additional exposure onto
her body.

Next, I'd like to add another layer and follow similar steps that will allow
me to darken the sky.

My question:  Is the proper procedure to merge the first copied layer to the
background before adding the second (I've been doing this), or is there a way
to add that second layer without it negating what I've already accomplished
using the first layer copy?

I'm a bit hazy on this.  Obviously, if I flatten the first copy, I can no
longer go back and fix it unless I go into the history or undo everything back
to that point.

In my mind, I view a layer stack where I might go back and tweak just the
fourth of some twenty layers, but when I try that approach, I find that
subsequent layers either obscure or alter the visible results obtained by
previous layers.

More advice needed and much appreciated.



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