Thanks for both of these helpful replies.  Rolf, I have already downloaded
episode 69, will have to work through it again, as, although it deals with
layers, I did not connect that session with the question which I posted

Saulgoode, I'll also have to try your suggestion step by step - it looks very

Thanks again to each of you.


>Quoting Carusoswi <>:
>> In Gimp, I copy the background layer and set it to screen mode, then add
>> layer mask that hides this layer so I can paint the additional exposure
>> her body.
>> Next, I'd like to add another layer and follow similar steps that will
>> me to darken the sky.
>> My question:  Is the proper procedure to merge the first copied layer to
>> background before adding the second (I've been doing this), or is there a
>> to add that second layer without it negating what I've already
>> using the first layer copy?
>If you create a duplicate of your original layer (placed at the top of  
>the layerstack) and add an inverted copy of your layermask to that  
>duplicate layer, no changes made to that duplicate layer will "negate"  
>what you've already accomplished.
>1) Duplicate original layer
>2) Move duplicate to top of layerstack
>3) Right-click on your Screen Mode layer and perform "Mask to Selection"
>4) Right-click on your duplicate (top) layer and perform "Add Layer  
>Mask" -- checking the "Invert Mask" box and choosing "Initialize Layer  
>Mask To: Selection"

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