>On Sunday 27 September 2009 10:37:30 am Carusoswi wrote:
>>  the smaller text (phone number,
>> address, email address, etc) printed looking rather fuzzy and of low
>> resolution. 
>after creating the text, do you keep it as text layer, or do you merge it
>another layer, or by some other means rasterize it?
>text should scale without loss of quality as long as it's not rasterized.
>you do that, you can't change the size anymore without loss.
>Well, actually, I created one copy of the business card as an independent
image.  Text in that image was flattened along with other elements.  I am not
certain if I could have copy/pasted it otherwise - maybe, I'll have to try
that.  In any event, I used that little image and pasted it repeatedly into a
new 8.5 x 11 inch image to create a page of 10 cards that would print on the
card stock I use.  I purposely have not flattened that image so as to preserve
the opportunity to make adjustments to the position of the 'cards' after
running a couple of test prints.

Naturally, when I go to print, Gimp complains about the state of the
unflattened layers, and exports to the printer, flattening them in the
process, but that flattening is not saved.  However, in answer to your
question, I reckon I'd have to say that the text in question has been
flattened twice, once in its life in the original 1-card image, and a second
time as it is sent to the printer by Gimp.

Should that degrade the quality?  I do that (sending unflattened images to
the printer) all the time with photos, but I don't notice any degradation in

Someone else did tell me to check the resolution of my original - it was set
to 72 x 72, and cannot be changed without changing the size of the image.  

I'll have to start from scratch trying a much higher original resolution and
see if that helps.

Thanks for the reply.


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