On Mon, 2009-09-28 at 12:08 +0000, Gary Collins wrote:
> some time ago there was a thread about changing the brush icon between
> showing the brush size and a precise crosshair. I can't seem to locate
> that thread, but if I remember rightly it was suggested that the
> change should happen at mouse-click, or when holding the mouse button
> down.
> Now I've just discovered, quite fortuitiously, that in photoshop (at
> least in Elements 2, so presumably also in PS7, on which the elements
> code was based) that you can toggle between these icons (i.e. brush
> outline vs. crosshair) using the caps-lock key.
> Maybe that might be a good idea for GIMP also?

Maybe you should post that suggestion to the gimp-developer list. There
was a discussion about the brush outline recently and your suggestion
might turn out to be useful for that.


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