On Tuesday 29 September 2009 01:05:40 pm Joerg Bergmann <em...@jbergmann.de> 
> > as far as i know, GIMP processes colors with 16 bit precision when "use 
> > GEGL" is enabled from the "colors" menu. work is in progress to make it 
> > possible to fully support opening & saving of 16 bit (or higher?) images.
> > 
> Wrong. GEGL uses 32 bit floating point numbers, that gives 128 bit per
> coloured pixel (with alpha channel). Using 16 bit integers, the maximum
> intensity of a color channel is 0xffff. This may lead to temporarily
> color cropping during multi-step operations, even if the final channel
> intensity is below 0xffff. By using floating point numbers, no
> temorarily cropping will occur.

thank you for clarifying that. i've read about it a while ago and didn't 
remember correctly.

NB: this reply arrived at my personal email address. that doesn't bother me, 
other list users won't see it; seems your email client defaults to the wrong 

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