Hi there!

 I would like to know how to make selection for whole layer
 and only area of layer.
 (should it be named "layer to selection"?)

 I know that this can be done with rectangle selection,
 and with use of zoom this will give correct effect,
 but it will take some (too much imho) time for this operation.

 It is not so simply to pres ctrl+a, but it should be in my opinion.
 After select region of layer i would like to make shrink,
 border or other things of this selection.

 The process and effect i have now:

 background is 1024x768
 layer_1 is 100x100 in 1/3 in width and height
 selecting layer_1 from layers
 shrink selection by 3 px
 if 'shrink selection from image border' is selected
  then i see effect, but it is from image border, not layer border
  else i don't see any effect of shrink

 How to do it simple, easy and fast to select area of layer?
 Without need of zooming for rectangle selection for small layers...

 Kind regards!


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