This question show also why   Select/All may be confusing ;  the meaning of
"All" seems a quiz:

What the heck Select/All will select ?

1) "all" inside the current layer boundary
2) "all" inside image boundary
3) "all" inside canvas boundary

as  guess  1) looks good as the others ,even more probable, but will be a
wrong answer

Maybe adding another option as "Select/All in active layer"   
would help to make concept clear and be of some practical utility

On Tue, Oct 20, 2009 at 10:40 AM, Adam Majewski <> wrote:
>> Dnia Tue, 20 Oct 2009 09:29:26 +1030
>> David Gowers <> napisal(a):
>>> >  I would like to know how to make selection for whole layer
>>> >  and only area of layer.
>>> >  (should it be named "layer to selection"?)
>>> It is, in fact, named 'alpha to selection', in the layers dialog. (or
>>> in the layers->transparency menu)
>>  almost...
>>  if i have transparency somewhere on layer then i need to make
>>  additional selection.
>>  (color selection clicked on transparency area with shift(add))
>It's possible to script this.
>Basically, you can just
>1. call gimp-drawable-offsets to find the top-left corner of the active
>2. call gimp-drawable-height and gimp-drawable-width to get the size
>of the layer
>3. call gimp-rect-select using the bounds you just retrieved.
>The procedure browser found in the help menu can help explain how these
>Once you've written the script and registered the function in the
>appropriate place, you can give it a keyboard shortcut using the
>keyboard shortcut editor.

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