> I'm running Ubuntu Studio 9.04 and installed 2.7.1 just to try it out.
> It runs fine, and has caused me no lost date, but immediately upon
> installation complained with message such as 'could not write tile
> data to
> disk - no space available' or something to that effect.  When those
> messages
> appear, the same one will repeat itself several times.  I can dismiss
> the
> message boxes and go on about my business.
> I had just chalked this up to the price one pays to try out unstable
> versions
> and have been living with this situation for several weeks.
> This morning, I decided to investigate a bit, and, sure enough, my /,
> home,
> and desktop folders all were reporting 0 free space.
> I went exploring and moved about 2 GB of miscellaneous downloads
> cluttering
> my desktop, and have now run the Gimp for about 15 minutes with no
> error
> messages.
> My question is whether I have any options about where Gimp needs to
> have
> space in order to do its 'bookkeeping' chores as you use the program,
> or must
> I always (I guess I really should not only for Gimp, but other
> programs, as
> well) make certain it has some headroom in my Ubuntu folders.

Look under Edit->Preferences->Folders and you can set the location of
the temporay and swap folders.

Just make sure they are writeable



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