You don't need Ubuntu Studio for any version of Gimp.  I just happened to have
an interest in Multimedia, so I did a search on how to install Ubuntu Studio
over my existing 9.04 setup.

For gimp 2.7.1, I just typed into my browser something like "how to install
Gimp 2.7.1 in Ubuntu 9.04" then followed the instructions that the search
returned.  You do have to complete uninstall previous versions of Gimp . . .
well, there is a way to make them run side by side, but it's simpler just to
uninstall previous versions, and, since its so simple to reinstall previous
versions if you find you want to revert, I didn't feel it necessary to have
both versions available on my system at the same time.

Although warning abound not to install 2.7.1 on a "production" system, I am
happy to report that it runs just fine, has never crashed, and, once I sorted
out my system resources to give the application room to run, it no longer pops
up error messages.

Go ahead and install it.  I suspect you'll be pleased.

>I'd like to try it out as well - do you have to have Ubuntu Studio for that
>I'm running regular Ubuntu (planning to upgrade to 9.10 real soon). Is there
>package repository I can add that will let me try Gimp 2.7.1?

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