I think I've found the solution.  I was downloading photos
from the camera with iPhoto, which didn't distort the
colors.  However, it didn't appear to properly convert
them to a color space that gimp liked.  When I download
the photos from the camera with the Canon software, they
don't need to be converted when I open them with gimp. 
They seem to be the correct colors now.  Phew!  Thanks for
your help.  All the questions got me moving in the right
direction. -- Felicia

> Hi Felicia
> I am asking more questions than answering any!
> I have no knowledge on the Camera side, but could you
> confirm whether or not this difference (R:56 vs R:54 etc.)
> is a constant difference (throughout the image, and also,
> throughout different images)?
> If it is, you can in the meantime easily correct it by
> saving that change to the RGB and applying it every time
> (annoying I know!), but if it is not, then it would be
> quite a pity!
> It is quite disturbing how big the difference is visually
> on your examples!
> One more question: Does the camera save the image in JPEG
> format, or is it its own lossless format?
> Paul
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> To: Paul Naude
> Subject: RE: [Gimp-user] GIMP Color Problems
> The same pixels in each image has different values.  For
> example, what is R:56 G:97 B:0 in Pixelmator is R:54 G:95
> B:0 in GIMP.  Yes, I also think that there is a problem
> with the color system.  I get the impression that there is
> a way to install something into gimp's color management
> system that is specific to my camera, but I couldn't find
> any concrete info on this online.  Thoughts? -- Felicia
>> Felicia
>> Could you confirm whether or not it is only the display
>> that differ, i.e. does the same pixel in both images
>> have
>> the same RGB values?
>> If not, it could mean that your camera uses a different
>> colour system than RGB and that there is a difference in
>> conversion.
>> If the RGB values are the same, it means that both
>> programs should print the exact same image but that
>> there
>> may be something wrong with the way it is displayed on
>> screen.
>> Paul
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