I'm trying to get a print out (onto paper) that matches, in color an original
photo that i scanned . Would it make sense to scan the original photo (with a
photo scanner) and scan an attempted print out of the right color side by
side, open them on gimp, find the difference in hue, saturation, rgb etc., and
then use this difference between the two scanned images (say the difference
between the two scanned images, again, the phtot and the attempted correct
print out, is plus 7 green) to correct the original image ON GIMP (which I
printed out and it became the attempted correct version) by adding plus 7
green, so that when it's printed out..... it will be the same color as the
photo I scanned?

In other words, I know that scanning something then printing it out will not
yield the exact same color as the original....... but can i use a scanner for
comparison of color (i.e., the scanner will distort two images equally,



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