On Saturday 31 October 2009, tess anne wrote:
>I'm trying to get a print out (onto paper) that matches, in color an
> original photo that i scanned . Would it make sense to scan the original
> photo (with a photo scanner) and scan an attempted print out of the right
> color side by side, open them on gimp, find the difference in hue,
> saturation, rgb etc., and then use this difference between the two scanned
> images (say the difference between the two scanned images, again, the
> phtot and the attempted correct print out, is plus 7 green) to correct the
> original image ON GIMP (which I printed out and it became the attempted
> correct version) by adding plus 7 green, so that when it's printed
> out..... it will be the same color as the photo I scanned?
>In other words, I know that scanning something then printing it out will
> not yield the exact same color as the original....... but can i use a
> scanner for comparison of color (i.e., the scanner will distort two images
> equally, right?).
This should, within reason work although I don't understand why the +7 green.  
I have done that both in the darkroom and in gimp.  Gimp can probably to a 
better job of doing the corrections if one can grasp the fundamentals of 
gamma correction too.  Or at least that seems to be the major time waster for 
me, since correct use of the gamma in the weakest color can compensate for 
some, but not all, age fading.

I have not done a 'due diligence' search of the wiki (the do it your own self 
old (75) fart male syndrome at work) to see if there is a good starter 
tutorial on that subject.  There might be, if not, one needs written as its 
one of those things that can make you look like a magician to kin with older 

Cheers, Gene
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