about a year or so ago i had an image which i transformed using a set of
gimp filters or script-fu. the transformed images were then arranged as
panels, which i gave to my girlfriend and she was mighty chuffed. the
resulting image is at:


now i am wanting to do a similar thing again, using the same effects on
another set of images. however, in the interim i have reinstalled linux on
my machine (changing from slackware to ubuntu) and in the process have lost
my old gimp setup. i have gone through all the existing filters on my new
installation and scoured a variety of web sites to try and find the filters
that i used but no luck! from what i recall, all of the filters which i used
were grouped together, so i suspect that they are part of a package?

does anybody have any idea what filters i used to create these effects?

best regards,
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