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> Apologies for such basic questions.
> 1) when I have made a path to cut out a selection but before I finish if I
> enlarge the image the anchors and connecting lines all disappear.   The undo
> history does not seem to let me step back from this.  What is going on?

I did not experience this disappearance of the path when enlarging the  
image; however, the path WILL disappear view if you activate a  
different tool from the Toolbox. The path will still be there, it is  
just hidden.

You can make the path re-appear by double-clicking on its thumbnail  
preview in the Paths Dialog (if your Path Dialog is not visible, use  
"Windows->Dockable Dialogs->Paths" to raise it). Note also that there  
is an "eyeball" associated with the path which you can toggle (similar  
to how you change the visibility of layers in the Layers Dialog) to  
force the path to always be shown.

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