I work with a proprietary software package that imports image files (in this
case, large tiffs containing hi-res images of architectural plans), and large
plans, especially if you import five or six of them, tend to choke the

It was suggested that I open these images in Photoshop and save them as

In PS, I can open them, save them as PDF's, task complete.

In GIMP, the same exercise yielded pdf's that were of low resolution, and, in
some cases, I believe, not true to the original scale of the tiff images (a
very important factor to the software in which the ultimate images will be

Can someone clue me in as to how I can open these large tiffs in GIMP, save
or export them as pdf's, and preserve the original resolution (or viewing
quality) and the same scale?



Carusoswi (via www.gimpusers.com)
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