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> When I tick on Monochrome, Red shows at 100; Green and Blue are zero.
> I have a feeling this is not right and that I have somehow changed the
> default settings.  I was practising with the excellent 'Hair' tutorial when I
> began to suspect that something had changed and I could no longer achieve the
> differentiation of Greys.

I'm not sure what you expected to see but when you use the Channel  
Mixer in "monochrome" mode, the output is the result of taking the  
weighted average of the three channels The percentages set by the  
sliders specify the weight of each channel, so with Red=100, Green=0,  
and Blue=0 the result will be only the red channel of the image. If  
you were to change the weights to Red=21, Green=71, and Blue=8 then  
the result would be equivalent to what is produced by performing  
"Colors->Decompose: Luminosity".

Perhaps the functionality would be more intuitive if the initial  
default settings for the monochrome mixer where RGB=21,71,8 instead of  
RGB=100,0,0; but there is nothing wrong with the way the mixer  
functions (and the mixer retains the last values used within any  
session, so it is only a matter of their initial default values).

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