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> I have a photo with red eye, one of the eyes has some strands of hair over it.
> When I try to select this eye (I used a rectangle) for red eye removal, the
> red eye filter gets confused because of the hair and consequently removes the
> colour from the hair along with the colour from the red eye. Will I have to
> try and remove the red from the eye the hard way manually? :-) Hard to do as
> when I zoom in that much the strands of hair are difficult to pick out. Help
> please. thanks

It may depend on the hair color. If they are pale blonde or on the
contrary very black (i.e. without red in their color), you can try
working only on the Red channel. There you can use the Dodge/Burn tool,
for example. This will not use the red eye removal filter, which works
only on very simple cases.


                        Olivier Lecarme
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