>On 12/1/09, glibwort wrote:
>> I have a photo with red eye, one of the eyes has some strands of hair
>> it.
>> When I try to select this eye (I used a rectangle) for red eye removal,
>> red eye filter gets confused because of the hair and consequently removes
>> the
>> colour from the hair along with the colour from the red eye. Will I have
>> try and remove the red from the eye the hard way manually? :-) Hard to do
>> when I zoom in that much the strands of hair are difficult to pick out.
>> please. thanks
>Is there a particular reason you don\'t want to use a mask to hide the
>hair from the filter? :)

-- Thanks for replying. I new to this, can you point me to a good tut on how
to do this?
stuart c. (via www.gimpusers.com)
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