On Fri, 2009-12-18 at 12:26 -0500, Jay Smith wrote:
> Procedure:
> - Select all in old image
> - Copy
> - Paste into the new image.  This now results in a Background and a
> Floating Selection.  It says "Floating Selection" it does *NOT* say "...
> Layer"

A "Floating Selection" is a selection that has been pasted into the
image but not given a final disposition for integration with the image.
You must either make it a new layer or apply it to the current
layer/layer mask.  Until you make that choice the floating selection is
not a layer yet which is why you can't flatten the image.  

A faster way of doing what you want (assuming I understood it correctly)
and skipping the floating selection is to drag the layer from the old
image into the toolbox.  This will create a new image window with the
same dimensions as the original with a single layer in it.  You can then
add a new layer that is black, drag it below the current layer in the
Layers dialog and then flatten the image.
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