On 12/18/2009 01:03 PM, Michael J. Hammel wrote:
> On Fri, 2009-12-18 at 12:26 -0500, Jay Smith wrote:
>> Procedure:
>> - Select all in old image
>> - Copy
>> - Paste into the new image.  This now results in a Background and a
>> Floating Selection.  It says "Floating Selection" it does *NOT* say "...
>> Layer"
> A "Floating Selection" is a selection that has been pasted into the
> image but not given a final disposition for integration with the image.
> You must either make it a new layer or apply it to the current
> layer/layer mask.  Until you make that choice the floating selection is
> not a layer yet which is why you can't flatten the image.  
> A faster way of doing what you want (assuming I understood it correctly)
> and skipping the floating selection is to drag the layer from the old
> image into the toolbox.  This will create a new image window with the
> same dimensions as the original with a single layer in it.  You can then
> add a new layer that is black, drag it below the current layer in the
> Layers dialog and then flatten the image.


Thank you very much for the procedure suggestion.  Really Cool!!  I will
experiment with that.  How would I have known that?  Maybe I should
RTFM?  But.....

However, regarding your first paragraph, I understand what you are
saying and do not argue with it.  My point is that you are saying is NOT
what the program says because in order to "flatten" it using the menu
system (other than dragging the window larger and double clicking) I
have to go to LAYER, ANCHOR LAYER.

See the terminology confusion?

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