On Sun, 2009-12-20 at 00:42 +0100, Pere Pujal i Carabantes wrote:

>    I supose that tweaking the different settings in environmet
> prefences, but I am not sure how to count it, should I sum max mem for
> undo to max mem for cache in order to get the maximum of memory I am
> allowing to The GIMP?

First of all, the program is called "GNU Image Manipulation Program" or
short "GIMP", but not "The GIMP".

Then, you need to understand that GIMP will use as much memory as it
needs to hold the image data and that includes undo. The amount of
memory used for undo can be limited in the Preferences. You can also
control how much of the pixel data is actually kept in virtual memory
(that's RAM and swap) by setting the size of the tile-cache. Pixel data
that doesn't fit into the tile-cache will have to be swapped out to a
file. Use of such a swap-file will slow things down dramatically. Up to
the point where any operation that needs access to all data (such as
saving your images) takes very long.


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