On Sat, 2010-01-16 at 05:27 +1100, Philip Rhoades wrote:

> I guess what is confusing is this:
> - there was a loss of information when the first JPG was saved in the 
> digital camera memory from the CCD
> - when the JPG is uncompressed by GIMP into RAM, there is no loss of 
> information (?)
> - when GIMP then saves the same image as a new JPG at 100% quality (I 
> would have thought that this meant not losing any more information), 
> that the second JPG would be compressed/created in much the same way as 
> the first and therefore would be about the same size . .

Actually, you get almost no further degradation if you save the image
again with the same settings that were used for the first save. The JPEG
plug-in even stores information in the image when the image is opened
and it will use that information to save it in the best possible way
when you save it again. Just leave all controls at their default values.

Note that I said "almost". Of course the image will suffer a little. But
you won't get significantly better results if you increase the JPEG
quality or change other settings in the save dialog. You just get a
larger file.


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