Luckily, that's just your opinion -- and your problem.

phanisvara das wrote:
> On Monday 18 January 2010 06:53:26 pm Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:
>> Dude, I never ran any related research, but I 'm sure as hell that I
>> do all sorts of posting depending on situation. Does it make me Dr.
>> Jackill and Mr. Hyde? :) I'm also quite sure that I'm not alone in
>> this.
> in my opinion, as long as you actually do think and choose your posting 
> style according to the situation, that's fine. what's obnoxious is 
> people using whatever defaul their email client comes up with, 
> subjecting others to scrolling thru' tons of unnecessary stuff, or 
> making it difficult or impossible to find out what they're talking about 
> because there's no context to be found.
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