> Thank you.  I can create the hotspots on the picture I'm using but how
> do I add it into my web page?  I'm using Kompozer which doesn't want
> to
> import the thing.....it's a MAP file or some sort of thing.
> Any idea what to do?
> On 10-01-19 10:24 AM, yahvuu wrote:
>> hi BGP,
>> BGP wrote:
>>> How do I create a clickable hotspot in GIMP?
>> Filters->Web->Image Map  will do the job.
>> Documentation is here:
>> http://docs.gimp.org/2.6/en/plug-in-imagemap.html

Not sure what Kompozer is, but I suggest you will probably need to do
some hand coding

 Open up you .map file in a text editor.
 have a read and see what it does
 remove the comments if you wish

 Now open up your web page in the text editor
 copy and paste your .map file into the web page file where you want it



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