On 1/26/2010 6:56 AM, RSA wrote:
> Just going by what I read on a "tutorial".
> http://gimp-tutorials.net/websitetutorial
> I use OpenOffice Writer and create web pages that way....it's much 
> easier for a novice like myself than Kompozer and can do more with
> less html knowledge.

I use a plain text editor. If you're going to be doing any sort of even
half-serious web design, I highly recommend several methods of learning

Read the standard available at:

Go around to websites you like and view the source (it's how I learned
to start out), then copy/paste the parts you like or want to learn more
about. If you don't care about standards validity to start with, you
only need to worry about the following structure:

<title>Insert title</title>
Insert content here

You seem to be an intelligent fellow. The above methods got me to
designing nice looking sites in only about 6 months. Of course I've been
brushing up my skills for the past 12 years now. I don't do anything
overly-complex because I'm lazy and because it will break in at least
one major browser. To get this back on subject, the only thing I use
GIMP for in web design is image creation/editing.

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