I understand that this could just as well have been posted on the
> Inkscape mailing list (if there is any) but I'm only a subscriber to
> this one, so here goes nothing.
> I'm looking for a faster way to copy-paste things from Inkscape into
> GIMP. My current procedure involves exporting the drawing from
> Inkscape to PNG, then opening the PNG in GIMP and copy-pasting it into
> the image I want to have it in. Is there any faster way?

I've just noticed that, when you paste into GIMP any shape copied from
Inkscape, such object is appended as new path rather than as new layer, and
there seems to be no other possibility. However, once you exported an
Inkscape object as a PNG file, a faster way to import this into a GIMP image
is to select the special command ' File -> Open as Layers ' , through which
you will be able to insert the PNG file as new layer along with its handy
transparent background. Otherwise, you might try to use an intermediate
application between Inkscape and GIMP, like Paint for Windows, that may
recognize and paste any Inkscape clipboard as a raster object, that you will
afterward copy and paste into GIMP as real layer; unfortunately, this way
the transparent background could be lost.
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