Owen schrieb:
>>> Hi,
>>> Is it possible to have gimp _scripts_ (not plug-ins) in other
>>> languages
>>> than scheme? Python p.ex.? When I place a python script in
>>> ~/.gimp-2.6/scripts the function is not accessible from the scheme
>>> interpreter. And I despair on scheme :S
>> I think there may be some semantics with plug-ins and scripts,
>> My view is that if it is written in a scrioting language, then it is a
>> script.
>> Just put them in your ~/gimp-2.6/plug-ins directory and make sure they
>> are  made executable.
> I apologize, I omitted to state that I am referring to Python scripts.
> Just make sure your gimp was compiled with python (should be)
yes, it is, and python plug-ins do work, they appear in PDB and the
menus. What's not working for me is putting a script in the scripts
directory and invoke that functions from cli. Something like

$ gimp -i -b '(python-fu-curve-ext "seagull_copy.jpg")' -b "(gimp-quit 0)"

fails (from the interactive interpreter I get variable undefined) and i
couldn't find anything on this on the net. Sorry for the ambiguity.

regards, arian

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