On Fri, Jan 29, 2010 at 7:36 PM, Arian Sanusi <ar...@sanusi.de> wrote:
> Owen schrieb:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> Is it possible to have gimp _scripts_ (not plug-ins) in other
>>>> languages
>>>> than scheme? Python p.ex.? When I place a python script in
>>>> ~/.gimp-2.6/scripts the function is not accessible from the scheme
>>>> interpreter. And I despair on scheme :S
>>> I think there may be some semantics with plug-ins and scripts,
>>> My view is that if it is written in a scrioting language, then it is a
>>> script.
>>> Just put them in your ~/gimp-2.6/plug-ins directory and make sure they
>>> are  made executable.
>> I apologize, I omitted to state that I am referring to Python scripts.
>> Just make sure your gimp was compiled with python (should be)
> yes, it is, and python plug-ins do work, they appear in PDB and the
> menus. What's not working for me is putting a script in the scripts
> directory and invoke that functions from cli. Something like
> $ gimp -i -b '(python-fu-curve-ext "seagull_copy.jpg")' -b "(gimp-quit 0)"
> fails (from the interactive interpreter I get variable undefined) and i
> couldn't find anything on this on the net.

That's because it's wrong usage. scripts/ dir holds Script-Fu scripts;
that is the *only* kind of script it holds. Putting other types of
script in there is not intended to work in any meaningful sense, nor
does it.

In case it is not already clear, there is no functional difference
between a Python script (aka Python plugin) and a Script-fu script.
Both can register any number of PDB functions which are then usable
from any PDB-enabled interface (eg Script-Fu, Python, Ruby, Lua,

Your python plugins/scripts should all go in the plugins directory.

Anyway, if you are working with Python, consider using the Python
console instead of the Script-fu console; it's at
Filters->Python-Fu->Console in the menus.

You might also be interested in the 'python-fu-eval' function, which
is useful for batch work.
You can specify python-fu-eval as the batch interpreter
("--batch-interpreter python-fu-eval"), and then -b arguments will be
treated as Python code to execute rather than Script-Fu code to
 I personally think this is much more comfortable way to do batch scripting.
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