Thank you Saul for an excellent step-by-step response.  I learned a lot from
your explanations.

On Fri, Feb 19, 2010 at 11:40 PM,

> Quoting Helen <>:
> > In order to create a gimp brush, I created a file, drew the design, did
> > select all > copy > paste as > new brush.
> At this point, there are two possibilities for how the created brush
> will behave: 1) it will either be a "fixed-color" brush which can
> consist of millions of different colors, but the colors can not be
> changed; or 2) it will be a single-color brush which uses the active
> FG color.
> The second type of brush will only be created if your source image is
> in GRAYSCALE mode and has no alpha channel. If these two conditions
> are true then any black pixels in the brush will paint in the active
> FG color, while white pixels will be "painted transparently" (i.e.,
> not painted). More precisely, darker shades of gray are painted using
> the FG color with increasing opacity level.
> The first type of brush will use exactly the color and opacity of the
> original image while painting.
> > The brush only paints white (my fg color when I created the file).
> > I've tried creating the file in RGB and have tried Grayscale.
> > Can you advise me how to edit this brush to make it take on
> > the foreground colour?
> Your statement suggests that you created your brush by putting white
> pixels on a transparent layer (ie., one with an alpha channel). The
> existence of the alpha channel causes your brush to be of the "fixed
> color" type. What you want to do:
> . "Colors->Invert" -- change the white pixels to black
> . Set BG color to white
> . "Layer->Transparency->Remove Alpha Channel" -- change the
> transparent pixels to white
> . "Image->Mode->Grayscale"
> Of course, none of this is necessary if you start out editing your
> brush with a black FG and white BG on a flattened image.
> After you have created your design in this manner, your process of
> "select all > copy > paste as > new brush" should produce the result
> you desire.
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