Finally figured out answer.  Sadly, this might be a deal breaker for using
GIMP. Too bad.  It's powerful and potentially useful tool, but without
effective, timely, interactive help, it's not going to be very useful except
for expert programmers with lots of time on their hands.  It really would be
worth charging a fair amount to charge for GIMP to provide a good search
engine help tool and live support. It still would be lots less than Photoshop.
 Without it or a really active user community, it's not very useful.

My problem was simply that the initial pix I downloaded to work on were
reduced resolution so tools were compatible in size.  When I tried to get
serious about editing a full res image 10x the reduced size, the tools were
too tiny to see.  When I resized them appropriately, all was well.  Sure
wasted a lot of time figuring it out. No help at all from GIMP or anybody
else.  A pity.

>I downloaded gimp the other day and was able to play with it right away. 
>Overlaying text, smudging, airbrushing images.  A great tool--or so I
>Opened it today and could no longer use tools I was using before.  Icons
>up like the smudge tool, but no circle that actually smudges the3 image. 
>box shows up but no text shows up in the box outline image.  Looked up
>in the users manual and locked the layer I was working on per instructions
>think).  Uninstalled/reinstalled Gimp. No change.  Please help 
>ASAP.  Really don't want to have to buy Photoshop. Thanks 

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